Not a whole lot, but thought I’d check in.

Hmmmm…my guess is that at this point not too many people will be checking in since it’s been over a month since my last post. For those of you that are reading, thanks for being so faithful…and let me apologize in advance for how little things have changed in the last month. But I’ll have a go at it anyway. I’m not paying for these wasted megabytes in cyberspace, am I?

One big change that has happened since my last post is that I’m now back in San Francisco (again). Hawaii was fun. The water was warm and beautiful, but after the initial novelty of being in paradise wore off, I realized I had hardly gotten away from the hustle of San Francisco.

It had been about seven or so years since I last visited and for some reason my picture of Hawaii was a lot different in my head, as most things are. Basically what got me was the traffic. There was traffic going to Honolulu. Traffic coming back. And worst of all, traffic in the water. The only advantage I had was that I wasn’t employed, and if it took me hours and hours of waiting to score some waves, so be it. The only problem was that I was only one of the most recent to jump on this “surf bum” ideology. The lineups hardly ever thinned out.

So after sending my surfboard and all my luggage on a plane without me and buying a last minute return ticket, here I am back in San Francisco; the grass as green as I left it.

Things aren’t so bad here in the city. I spent the first week surfing almost every day in the frigid California waters enjoying the strange but comforting feeling of peeing your wetsuit. I didn’t just say that, did I? If only you could endulge in the same sitting at your desk wearing your three-piece.

The second week back I took a bartending course offering the better life and easy money. I swear that there are people out there that make a living off of the unemployed or “transitionals.” It wasn’t all bad though. I have found some leads, and with a little luck I could be serving up your next blowjob. Ladies, please. There’s no need to fight.

Excuse me. Gentlemen?

So I guess I do have one funny story from my job hunt. I was going through the job board that my bartending school offers its graduates. I stumbled upon this posting at Club Hide that specifically said “high volume, only experienced need apply.” I thought this may be a great opportunity to beat the crowds and give my resume to someone who may not be receiving heaps of resumes. So I call the guy and he tells me to drop off a resume the next day. Really knowing nothing about the place, I thought I might do a little research and Googled the place. Turns out it is an ex-western themed gay bar. Just my luck, isn’t it? Hopefully the tips are good.

Well, that’s really about it at this point. Thanks for reading. Do write if you get a chance, and don’t feel bad if you read down this far. It’s really not wasting your time. It’s probably just a waste of company time.


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