Karma’s a Bitch

It really is. Let me explain.

So I went to Berkeley tonight to have dinner with a friend of mine from high school. I took a late train back to the city. I was walking through the tunnel to the escalator. I usually don’t tip street performers, but it was late. And I figured that if this guy playing guitar was any good, I would give him a dollar. I walked by and he was pretty good.

A dollar.

Going up that escalator, I realized that I gave him my last dollar. As it turns out, that dollar was my bus fare, unless I was going to give the bus driver my ten. No chance, right? But what kind of asshole asks a street performer for his money back?

So I walk right by a homeless woman asking for money into a Burger King. Wait behind some guy trying to get free burger for a few minutes and finally break my ten. Then I go outside, walk by another homeless guy. Two steps past him, I realize that I have a granola bar in my pocket, but think nothing of it.

So I continue on down the street towards the bus stop. About a block away, and a minute and a half too late, there goes my bus.

To make the long story short, I walked home. Go figure.

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