My New Baby.

Check out the new pic! After months of collecting parts and eager anticipation, I finally pieced together my Trek fixie…finally! I took it out for a short spin down the block today and will take it for further rides as soon as I am assured I put together everything right and nothing will unexpectedly fall off.

Other than that, it’s been the good ol’ same ol’.

Oh! I did start Thai language classes at the Thai Buddhist temple in San Bruno this week. It was a riot! They did not expect so many beginning students to show up (they are very laid back and did not preregister classes…they didn’t even collect dues) so they got a monk to fill in last minute. This guy was a character and I had a blast.

So let me break it down. We have 19 consonants and 5 vowels, right? In Thai, I believe there are 32 consonants and 10 vowels, and that’s just the beginning. In addition, there are five variations in tonal change which change the meaning of something that to us westerners would sound the same. At one point in the class, I felt totally tone deaf and felt my tongue wouldn’t obey my commands. To add to it all, the monk would have us repeat what he was saying and would follow it with an ethusiastic “Good Job!” or “No!” as he proceeded through each student. I couldn’t stop lauging. It was great!

And today I went surfing and had and indoor soccer game. That’s it. Take care all!

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