IE Rant

So I was designing my site in Firefox and on Ubuntu thinking the beautiful things I was creating were universal. Then after hours of design, I went to have dinner with my parents and I was excited to show off my progress…and it looked like crap.

My mom runs Windows XP in 800×600 resolution and at 8-bits of color. It was almost like going back in time to Windows 98, but it really made me realize that I need to consider all configurations when designing my site. Especially since the majority of people surfing the net still use IE.

Things that were supposed to be transparent weren’t. Menus were lost. Divs didn’t line up. It was a disaster.

So I went home and booted up my old Windows machine (guess it’s still good for something). I quickly looked up some fixes, applied them, and used my Windows machine to verify.

I guess the moral of the story is: hang on to your Windows machine…at least until everyone else wises up. 🙂

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