Poor Scooty!

Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of this one…

Last week I lost the only key to my scooter. For those of you that don’t know my scooter, it’s a beat up black 2001 Vespa with a red heart spray painted on the side. Her name is Weezy and she was the way she is when I bought her used about six months ago.

So the story goes…

Last week after class, I lost the key. And I know for sure it’s in the house somewhere. I know this because I rode my scooter home and couldn’t find the key before leaving the next day.

So it’s been driving me crazy. If I would have lost it while I was out, I would have already come to peace with the key being gone, but since I know it’s somewhere in the house I find myself as sort of a obsessive compulsive when doing anything at home.

I sorted through the trash before throwing it out. I shook all of my shoes thinking maybe it had fallen into one. I did a thorough cleaning of my room twice with no luck. I even pulled the washer out of the closet thinking maybe it had fallen through the cracks. Seriously, who pulls their washer out?

I may soon come to the fact that I just need to replace the key and all of the locks, but I know that once I do, that damn key will show up.

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