Scrub it with AJAX

AJAX = Asynchronous Javascript and XML

Not sure if that means anything to you. Have you ever been to a web site, clicked something, and lo and behold the something magically changed right before your eyes? That magic is AJAX (or Flash depending on the site).

I won’t get into the technicalities in this post, but rather point you in the direction of some resources I found useful.

This is probably the most popular AJAX/Javascript library right now. I’m making this assumption based on the number of people that have bookmarked the site on At this moment, there are 26,125 other people who have this site bookmarked. The closest AJAX library (in my bookmarks) is jQuery with 12,476.

Scriptaculous is built on another popular library, Prototype and has a strong following, I believe, because it is native in Ruby on Rails.

It’s fairly straight forward to implement. The Scriptaculous site has a bunch of docs and demos on their site, but I’m a really big fan of video tutorials. If you’re looking for an easy introduction to AJAX, check out this link.

After watching the video, I found it pretty straight forward to integrate AJAX into my blog

Thanks again!

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