Two Left Feet

…well more like two right sleeves.

Tonight I was out and about. I had plans with my girlfriend, Kate, to go to a holiday/birthday party. I put on a nice shirt, some jeans, and sneakers and was off.

When I say nice shirt, I mean something with a collar. This particular shirt I bought at Ross. And I’m sure it said ‘irregular’ or something to that nature, but I’m usually one to ignore the little details.

As it turns out, I noticed something strangely odd about my shirt. Looking at my right sleeve, then my left, and then my right again; something seemed a bit out of place. Staring for a few more moments, I noticed that I had two right sleeves. Yes, that’s right! Two right sleeves!

Guess there was something irregular about that shirt. The funny thing though is that I’ve had the shirt for months and have never noticed. And what’s more, it probably won’t stop me from wearing it again.

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