Fixing a flat with the spit in your mouth

Years ago, I was riding on a stretch of bike path outside of Hellyer Velodrome. I was returning to my car and was about two miles out when I got a flat. I kind of just stared at the flat in disbelief because I hadn’t brought along a tube, pump, etc. My friend stuck his finger on it to stop the leak, but this didn’t do me any good. Or so I thought.

This old man appeared out of nowhere with his wife, complimented us on our fixies, and offered to have a look at my flat (while doing so, his wife told us of how he was a bike mechanic in his younger days and how he once rode X number of double centuries in one year). He then spit what I can only imagine to be a sticky loogi into his finger tips and proceeded to rub it into my flat until miraculously it stopped leaking air. He said that I might be able to make it back, but that I better ride fast. I jumped on the bike and sure enough, made it back to my car just as the tire began to feel squishy.

I’ve had many flats since then and just about every time I’ve tried spitting a loogi into my fingertips, but have yet to even stop the leak for a second. I can only imagine this old man laughing at the thought of me trying to replicate what he did.

Has anyone else had success with the loogi flat repair technique?

Note: I asked on as well.

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