The Rapha Festive 500: Day 1

Today marks day one of the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. Their challenge is to bundle up and ride 500km from December 23rd to December 30th. That way you can enter the new year “fit and refueled.” Entering into the holidays has been bittersweet this year.

After having ACL reconstruction surgery a little over three months ago, the surgeon said I can get back on the bicycle for real. Good.

It’s been about six months since I’ve ridden any serious miles since I had been waiting for surgery with a knee that that wouldn’t straighten fully for three months. Bad.

I felt the need for a real road bicycle (I had been riding a cyclocross/touring bicycle that I love) so I sprung for a new-to-me Serotta Colorado off of craigslist. Good.

My girlfriend bought me a Garmin for Christmas. (We let each other choose gifts.) Good.

My girlfriend ex-girlfriend is moving out next week. Bad Good.

My Garmin is sitting in the garage in the shipping packaging since at this point it is pretty pointless wrapping it and putting it under the tree. And her gifts from Tiffany are sitting under the tree all alone. I guess as a consolation there won’t be any guilt when I go home and unwrap that packaging like a kid that found the presents in their parents’ closet.

So here it is, the first kilometers of the challenge. The bike commute into work this morning.

the new ride

the route to work


Although, I think this is a lofty goal considering the shape I’m in, I think putting in some mileage towards a goal will be good.


After work, I took a coworker around the Paradise Loop for his first time. On the decent of Camino Alto, we met up with a couple of my neighbors then back tracked back up again. Once home, my neighbor took me for a quick intro to cyclocross in Golden Gate park (one of my few off-road experiences really). He took me up some spots that I found pretty difficult and ended up losing traction on an uphill rooty section and took a spill. It was a little bit of a scare considering my replacement ACL is still pretty vulnerable. I’ll be holding off on technical stuff for a bit.

top of camino alto

paradise loop then home


I’m kind of guesstimating mileage for the day since I haven’t put a cyclometer on the new-to-me road bike, but that should be pretty close. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have any expectation to hit the 500 mark, but am hoping to find some good holiday motivation during this week preceding the new year.

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