2011 Mt. Tam Double Century

To date this has been my hardest ride in terms of elevation gain. 15,000 feet of elevation was covered over 196 miles on the Mt. Tam Double Century course. I was a little anxious going into this ride, but I had picked up a new 13-29 cassette the week before and had realized that I should have done this a long time ago. I had been riding a 12-25 with a standard crank on my Serotta for about six months and it was brutal. Although, I think this forced me to become a stronger rider.

All in all, I think this ride was very successful. Despite being the most I’ve climbed in one day, I only briefly felt tired and feel I rode strong almost all day. And on a lot of distance rides I usually get in a bad mood at some point from the fatigue, but this is how I felt almost all day.

Here are the Strava deets: Mt. Tam Double

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