Another Trippy Camping Trip

My friend Jon and I had been talking for years about recreating a camping trip that we had done when we were both living as roommates. Every year life would get in the way, but finally we pulled our plans together and made it happen.

We packed a rental SUV full of everything we would need for the next four days (which turns out to be quite a lot) and began the 600 mile drive to our ultimate destination, Death Valley. I had done the drive down to Death Valley back in November for the Death Valley Double Century. However, since it was such a short trip, I was not able to see one of my favorite places in the world, the Eureka Dunes. For the past handful of years since my last trip out, I had thought this place was really remote and isolated. Either that was never the case or word got out. When we had arrived there was one other campsite set up, and by the time we had summited the dunes, we could see another truck driving in on the horizon. We even got a really low fly by from a fighter jet the next morning.

The thing I absolutely love about this area is that it is nearly impossible to take a bad photo. There is just something surreal about the sand dunes to begin with that makes pictures amazing and impresses people. We drove back through Bishop and up to Lake Tahoe on the eastern side of the Sierras which is also very beautiful. I’ve uploaded some photos from the trip to Flickr.

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