SCR Dart and Fixed 200k

This month has been pretty exciting in terms of riding with randonneurs. Earlier in the month, I rode the Santa Cruz Randonneurs’ Dart. I did this ride with another team last year and it was a ton of fun. The format forces you to stay together as a team and use the full duration of time (in this case 13.5 hours for 200 kilometers). It’s much more social than other rides and the past two have ended at the Tied House Brewery which in my books is the ultimate way to end a ride.

On the ride, some of my friends had the idea to do a similar route, but on fixed gear bicycles. So we did. I unfortunately didn’t snap any photos on this ride, but the ride was equally awesome although a touch more challenging. To date, it’s the longest fixed gear ride I’ve been on by far.

Santa Cruz Randonneurs Dart: Strava Upload
Fixed 200k: Strava Upload

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