2013 Lean Legs and Ham Permanent

Since I started school about a year ago, my mileage has been showing a pattern of dropping off significantly during the semester and rising significantly when on break. I decided I would try to squeeze in some bigger rides in the month of January, and yesterday I went on probably the coldest ride I have ever been on.

It was 28 degrees at 7AM when we set out on our ride. I wore more clothes than I have on any previous ride and almost decided against some of the articles of clothing thinking that I would be too warm on the ride. My feet were numb for the first couple hours of the ride, my hands cold throughout the ride (even with two pairs of gloves), and I had a couple of uncontrollable bouts of shivers.

Yet somehow even with 125 miles of frosty roads and over 11,000 feet of climbing, our band of six randonneurs managed to maintain smiles throughout the day and kept our curses (towards the jerks that thought this ride would be a good idea) to a minimum.

It’s funny the things you will put yourself through in order to forge an epic ride into your memory.

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