My first entry

So check it out. I’m sitting here in Hawaii, sort of on vacation and sort of trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my life. Hawaii sounds great right? Well…I decided to try out temping to see if I could manage working in the hustle-bustle of Honolulu. Not really as great as I imagined. I mean it could be worse, but it sure as hell could be a whole lot better. Let me explain.

I’m sitting in a cubicle. Let’s start there. A cubicle in an architecture firm The woman I am filling in for is on vacation for the day. It’s her birthday. Happy Birthday June. She’s an executive assistant, and as it turns out, the people she is an assistant to are all out of town on meetings. So, that makes me a temporary executive assistant to no one. So you may ask yourself, “What does a temporary executive assistant to no one do?” He starts a blog.

So how did I find this blog anyway? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve been sitting around in Hawaii trying to occupy myself. (Aside from surfing, there’s really not a whole lot you can do around here.) So I decided I would teach myself how to invest. Sitting in a cublicle with nothing to do left me with a ton of options. The internet was my oyster. So I began reading about investing online which eventually led to reading some financial statements. Great way to spend a beautiful Thursday in Hawaii, isn’t it? I was reading Google’s financial statement since I heard they were doing so well. And I ran across a new service they offer and had been talking about: blogger. Ran an internet search and tada!

So you may also ask, “Sean, how do you expect to invest when you’re not working?” Trust me, I realize that. I’m working on it.

And by the way, let me tell you how Hawaii’s been. If you’re not already bored, trust me, you will be soon. But what better do I have to do than bore the hell out of you. They say misery loves company. Maybe the same will be true about boredom.

I have a surfboard and a car. Most of you already know that. So I drive to go surfing. Logical. Aside from that, I sit around and play with my two year old cousin, Madison. Cool kid. I roam around the island and realize that it’s really not that big. You can get from one end to the other in about 45 minutes. I watch some tv and surf the internet. Did you know that they have a channel in Hawaii almost solely dedicated to Korean soap operas? Yeah, neither did I. They are a lot more entertaining when they have subtitles. For all of you that don’t speak Korean, just trust me on that. And occasionally I roam the want ads for jobs around the country. I know I’m going to have to build my wealth sooner or later.

So, hope all’s well where ever you may find yourself. And if it’s just me reading my own blog…Word, Sean. Word. I’ll catch you all later.

And Jin and Olivia. Didn’t forget about you. Happy Birthday!